Love @ First Write

Somer Cooper, a very very good friend, has been trying to set me up for months now. She has gone on and on about this guy she met and how he would be absolutely perfect for me. We have a lot in common; she persists before reading his list of attributes. I listen attentively, mentally checking off the things I like and those I don’t. He sounds good, but am I really ready for this?

One night, in an attempt to silence her, I look him up. It’s the age of information and I am a millennial so I google him. I’m intrigued so I hit him up.

He’s pretty easy to deal with and in my chaotic world, I crave easy. He’s simple yet wild with adventure and amazement. He’s full of information and worldly ideas. He gives me a voice and honors what I think by giving me a platform on which to say it. He inspires me to be greater than I am and invites me to bring others along. He’s open to my creativity. He doesn’t laugh at my quirkiness and even encourages it. He doesn’t judge me; when I stroke a wrong key or transpose letters in my haste, he understands and offers suggestions. He gets that I am not as techno savvy as I should be.

We’ve been on three unconventional dates thus far (we drove to the mall, did laundry together and fought over the check at dinner) and I have to admit, I’m falling hard. I think about him a lot. It’s like those first few weeks of any new relationship where everything is drama-free and fun-filled. I lay awake wondering what he’s doing and I grab my blackberry to connect with him, first thing in the morning. I want the world to know about us and I’ve professed our courtship via email, facebook, linkedin, twitter and any other medium I could think of.

I fear the inevitable; someone will come along and ruin this moment. Someone will invade our harmony with their opinion and ideas, and well there is such a thing as the first amendment. You may not subscribe to our affection but if you do, I welcome you in.

I’ve been bitten and no amount of scratching or Benadryl (or making an X with my fingernail) is gonna cure this because…





8 thoughts on “Love @ First Write

  1. I’m just waiting for you to write a book. I love to read and I really love when I’m captivated by the authors words of thought!! Keep writing and I will continue to read.

  2. Yes, I am loving this. Now, I have another distraction to keep me from doing my homework lmbo. Take a chance, you only live once and when it is gone you will sit around and think, “I wonder what it would have been like?” Hugs!

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