Customer (Dis)Service, Cameron Village Style

For SC, who has her hands in the earth while she figures out her place in it, from SB.

I’m a basic girl. I find joy in the simple things; a friends and family discount, finding the perfect dress on clearance, a matching cocktail ring at 25% off…you know what these all have in common-SALE! Nothing turns me on more than swiping my card to spend less than what I should have (nevermind the inflation because we know it only cost $1.99 to make). I get a rush at looking at that last line on the receipt that reads ‘You saved $73.42’. Well actually, there is one thing…I would pay full price and then some for good customer service!

Trey of Teavanna in Triangle Towne Center knows this all too well. A few months ago I discovered Japanese Matcha and began making green tea lattes in the comfort of my own home. I’ve become quite the barista-with regard to green tea. I take special care to measure the temp of the milk and whisk from the outside in as taught to me by a tea guru. When I used the last of the mixture a few days ago, I was perplexed as to where I would get my supply. My original purchase was made at Tin Roof Teas in Cameron Village but on a second visit I walked around for about three minutes before leaving without recognition. The sales associate was absorbed in what appeared to be a textbook and far be it from me to intrude on someone’s work with work.

When I walked past Teavanna in search of the perfect dress, a matching cocktail ring and all at a friends and family discount, Trey must have sensed that my cupboard was in need of loose leaf tea. His exemplary customer service skills sent me home with much more than Japanese Matcha and although I had no intention of spending a fourth of what I totaled, it was completely worth it.

Back on track and a few stores later, I found myself in Dillard’s. Who can’t find an ensemble in Dillard’s, the friends and family discount is another story unless you are related to an employee of which I am not? I was still marveling over my experience with the young man at Teavanna when I caught the eye of the young sales girl putting away remnants from the dressing room, she quickly looked away. A few minutes later I stumbled upon her in conversation with two other women over the three missing dresses “The Versace, the Gucci and the Ralph Lauren but they can have that ugly ole’ thing.” She looked at me again. I didn’t even know Dilliard’s carried such labels but then again, I’m a simple girl.

Wait, is she suggesting that I’m a thief? Does she know I just spent over a hundred dollars on tea! This broad just looked at me again. Now her coworker is looking at me too; so I’m looking back at them and still-nothing. Not one eensy weensy word. I used to work in sales so I kinda know what I’m talking about when I say, the girl carrying four bags: one from the boutique tea shop, one from another anchor store and two from overpriced specialty shops is not the girl you don’t ask “Can I help you with something?” when you work on commission.  

After an eensy weensy word with the manager I headed elsewhere in search of a dress, earrings and a discount. I ended up in Cameron Village, because the name compels me even if the customer service enrages me and the parking (as discussed with @pinkpodster via twitter) infuriates me when there it was-a free space right in front of Fab’rik (cue harps, release the doves).

As soon as I walked in, the newly engaged sales clerk (whose name I won’t mention-just in case she has yet to tell some other poor soul that he is not the one) offered her perky assistance and three dresses later, we had the one! We also had a matching cocktail ring. And wouldn’t you know it-I already had a discount coupon card from a friend! The only thing that would have made that better would have been great customer service-which I got! Awesomsauce!! She-who-shall-not-be-named even gave me a great suggestion as to where to get some fabulous earrings to complete my look.

But in true Cameron Village fashion, CatBanjo delivered excellent customer disservice and I left empty-handed. I vowed years ago to never step foot in Ann Taylor ever again in life and the memory of Victoria’s Secret makes me want to vomit. I’ve had to check someone at nearly every eatery except Piccola Italia and K&W and Lee Spa Nails gets a 3 on a scale of 1-10 (but most nail salons do). Oh don’t even get me started on the banks! Now how you gonna have poor customer service when you’re holding my money for me? Riddle me that one blondie.

I was ready to give up on Cameron Village again when a sales girl, full of life and love made me give it another chance.


6 thoughts on “Customer (Dis)Service, Cameron Village Style

  1. I was screaming as I read this! So on point. I especially relate to the if you see someone with mulipke bags from niche stores, umm, hello you will probably get that sale and some. When I was a salesperson, I was looking for those ladies. Great customer service is so key and so lacking that sadly when actually experience it, it feels like a commemorative event is needed.

    • You bring a great point to this discussion. Why is good customer service the exception to the rule when it should be the standard? We shouldn’t be so impressed by Chick fil a and how well they treat their clients on a regular because that should be the bar. Thanks for reading!

  2. My sister, you speak nothing but the truth in the article. I believe you have said things that most people will not speak of. I have never been a fan at all of Camereon Village. I don’t know what it is about CV, it has always been like this since I can remember and I had I would not visit the little community and I don’t!
    Girl please, don’t even look at getting any kind of service in Nail Salons unless you are going to the ones in the Mall or upscale salons to be honest and then you might not get any then. The should encorporate BUSINESS ETIQUETTE 101 in high school these days instead of taking in college, depending on your major.
    Love the article.

    • I know several people who have an issue with Cameron Village but I promise you once you get in there, it really is a nice place to be (their Peir1 typically has the best clearance deals but don’t tell anyone cause that’s where I get my good stuff for cheap). And of course, poor customer services extends way beyond that little cobble stone shopping mall but I seem to keep having bad experiences there in particular. Go on and write that curriculum for the high school home economic classes!

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