Ooo Ooo Ooo Ooo Ooooo I Got A Mulattotude

Dress by Fab'rik. Photo by JElite Photography

I am not a fan of Miss Patti Labelle. Staring at your computer screen with big, bugged out eyes will not change that fact. I’ll wait while you get yourself together from the shock of my revelation. It’s true. I’m not. I find nothing pleasurable in all of the hooping and hollering, rolling around on the ground screaming and screeching like you aint got an ounce of sense.

She gets on my nerves.

But…there’s something about New Attitude that’s got my hips swinging and lips singing here lately. “Ooo Ooo Ooo Ooo Ooooo I got a mulattotude!” That’s right! I got a new attitude and it’s all because of my mulattotude. Have you ever experienced the freedom the comes in finding yourself, your sanity, your purpose, your authenticity? I am there.

My new attitude needed a new look.

  1. In search of fresh wardrobing, singular not plural because I ain’t quite got it like that, I happened upon Fab’rik of Raleigh where Kelsey was phenomenal in finding the perfect reflection of my colorful personality.
  2. On to hair and make up with Flawless Faces of Alnita of the Tim Johnson Salon because runway diva extraordinaire and BFF, Tekora Scruggs insisted that she was

    Make up by Flawless Faces by Alnita, Photography by J.Elite

    the go-to artist for print designs. She is a facial genius!

  3. Finally, I made my way to my professional photo shoot with Jamal and Carmela of J.Elite Photography. I was prepared to be impressed, but not amazed. They were so good that I scheduled a non-traditional family photo shoot a week later.

Kelsey, Alnita, Jamal and Carmela turned this pumpkin into a crystal carriage and when midnight struck, I was still glowing from my new look and new attitude. If you’re considering making a memory, putting your best face forward or dressing to impress, let my supreme team make you over and tell ’em a very happy customer sent ya!


11 thoughts on “Ooo Ooo Ooo Ooo Ooooo I Got A Mulattotude

  1. You look amazing, loooooove this new look!!! One day I want your dream team to hook me up but after the weight loss,lol….love ya!!!

    • I kept saying, ‘when I lose ten pounds’, ‘when my hair grows longer’, ‘when I (insert excuse here). You gotta just do it! Tomorrow isn’t promised and I’m tired of living in the ‘when’ and ‘if’, I wanna live in the ‘now’. You’re too beautiful to keep the world waiting!

  2. 1). Not even the the Dwayne Wayne Momma, Patti?
    2). LOOOOOVE the new background and picture!
    3). Thank you for the plug….you make me blush.
    4). I am the proud bff of a beautiful woman who searched for the person God designed to touch the hearts and souls of many lives (through words) and found her (P.S. Don’t try to correct my grammar…emotions got in the way).
    5). Love ya’!

    • Who really eats prune cobbler? And chipmunk?! Plus you know Whitley is my biracial sister from another mister, and she and Patti did not get along. Wait. Am I seriously overanlayzing A Different World on a Friday night? Love you too…

  3. Michelangelo di Buanarotti once said that he did not, in fact, sculpt the statue David . . . he merely chiseled away the marble until he had released the art inside . . . just sayin’ . . .

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