single mom, adoptee, student, student affairs professional & blogger of mixed race championing for common sense in the midst of common stupidity…

Shannon, Photo by JElite Photography

I could go on and on about who I am and what I am aspiring to be but I believe you will learn everything you need to know about my world through my words (and a little more than you bargained for). 

In this time and space I am filled with an overwhelming passion to love and inspire and be. It is with creative energy and extraordinary authenticity that I am ready. I am relevant. I am writing…

…I wrote those words in September (’10) and I am still writing. I am still relevant. However, I am far from ready. Honestly, I’m afraid and overwhelmed and fighting the urge to delete this site before I reveal too much, describe too little or offend too often.

I recently discovered that I have no idea what I am doing…technically, but seem to have found a rhythm…vocally. So I’m going to keep going and I welcome you to keep reading, start reading, and if this isn’t quite what you were hoping for…stop reading. I’ve found a niche. Somewhere in my experiences of being black and white in a world of either or lies my purpose and that is where my writing will focus.

With Artistic Appreciation,                                                                                                       


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5 thoughts on “About

  1. Stumbling upon the blog of an old friend brings me such joy!
    What a beautiful, talented, insightful, and inspiring person you’ve continued to evolve into.

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  3. My Dear Sweet Shannon, Live will always be a learning process for all of us . You have done well and will do even better in your future. I believe in you. Believe in yourself. I love you and was SOOOO grateful to see you last Sat. Hugs with kisses

  4. I love ur writings, I can respect the truth but i will dig in ur a$$ if ur ever wrong about something. I love u bunches and think ur doing a great job, i want the first book dedicated to me. Smooches!

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