I have multiple attitude dysfunction. In essence, I’m MAD; but not in that stereotypical-angry-black-woman kinda way like Omarosa and Nene (hey, what do they both have in common…hmmm). I got attitude in a sarcastic-sassy-expert-of-my-own-opinion kinda way and that’s what you’ll find in the categories of my blog. Here I define them:

mulattotude: expression in black and white in a world of either or

Sketches of a Girl, photo by JElite Photography

I am mulatto. I am not black, my father is. I am not white, my mother is*. I am mulatto. For many years, I considered myself African-American in designation because that is what I knew myself to be. I understood the denial of my mixed heritage, I was comfortable with identifying with one side of myself. But as with all things, the more you know, the more you grow. I am not offended by being called black, and although I have never been called white to my knowledge (except teasingly) I would not be dismissive of that description either; however, I am both.

adoptitude: expression in being chosen, having both birth parents and breath parents

My birth parents are those who had a hand in my conception (well, not exactly a hand but this isn’t a blog on anatomy although I may write on “the birds and the bees” every now and then, then again maybe there was a hand or two involved-who knows). I define my breath parents as those who gave me a life. This may seem a bit confusing so let me explain, my adoptive parents gave me a life that I undoubtedly would not have had, had I not been chosen. My birth parents gave me life, my breath parents breathed new life into me; a life that I am most grateful for. I recognize that is not everyone’s story, but it is mine and I am but an expert of my own story.

mommytude: expression of maternal style that balances sass with class

At some point you gotta’ kiss your own boo-boos, that time came when you started

Deuce and a dime! Photo by JElite Photography

downloading upgrades on my cell phone! Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about nurture and nature and honoring the womb (inhale-exhale) but I run a very independent household. I believe you have to as a single mom, it’s the juice from the fruit of sanity. You want clean underwear-wash ’em; otherwise, flip those puppies inside out and have a nice day as the funky kid! I’m not running a boot camp but when your kid can download High School Musical Live! and run your cell bill up by $70 at age 5-it’s time to delegate out some responsibilities!

educatude: expression in learning specifically in the area of higher education

As a student affairs professional, it is my philosophy that student development is the responsibility of the entire communiversity. Academic and student services must collaborate to effectively and successfully facilitate the matriculation of students. It is our obligation to engage those we serve [students] on a social, cultural, spiritual and educational level to prepare them for life within and beyond the college community. I enjoy my labor in student services and the fulfillment that comes with witnessing one question their identity, their beliefs, their reasoning for and their measuring of based on new information…priceless. For more on my professional profile, check me out on Linkedin.

*Refers to biological parentage.



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